FAQ/the 411/LowDown

What comprises a Senior Session?

When you book a session, the day is essentially yours. There will not be other seniors stacked up behind you. Bring as many outfits as you like, bring shoes (lots of shoes), bring letter jackets, bring sporting equipment, bring musical instruments, bring prom dresses, bring CARS or TRUCKS, bring hobbies…bring whatever represents YOU!

Really not sure what to bring? Don’t worry; we will generate ideas during your pre-shoot consultation.

What if I have something specific in mind such as a themed shoot?

FANTASTIC!  Let’s talk about it and create a plan for it! However, if it involves snakes or the dentist’s office…well, we can talk about it.

When should I book my session?

NOW! Don’t wait until spring, unless of course, it is now spring.  My spring gets very busy, and April is dedicated to shooting dance schools.  If you are unsure, call me and let’s talk!

Do you have a Hair and Make Up suggestion/requirement?

For Senior Ladies, hair and make-up is required to be professionally done. Senior girls get their hair and makeup done for homecoming, prom, etc. It just makes sense to ensure that the photos that you will have on display for many, many years get the same attention as one night of dancing.

We insist on professional hair and makeup because:

  • A pro knows how to apply makeup not only for the camera, but also the very strong and bright studio strobes
  • A pro gets a perfect foundation color to match the skin tone and can select the right colors to make the senior’s features pop!
  • The self-confidence the senior gains from knowing they look their absolute best, shines through in the portrait session.

I highly recommend my HMU artist, Sheri Alford. Simply, she is one of the best. She will do your HMU here and remains with us for part of the shoot to work on different looks if needed. HMU with Sheri is $175, payable directly to her.

If you do not use Sheri, you need to let me know the professional you plan on using.

How much does it cost?

A $175 retainer is required to secure your date. Minimum order requirements start at $600. At 4th day, there are no packages. You buy what you want.

May I get digital photos?

ABSOLUTELY! The real question is why do you need digital photos?

If you desire to share the photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you can purchase digital files for posting that are optimized for posting. In fact, within the Create-A-Package program, there are options available specifically to purchase web photos.

If you are looking to print your own, we do not offer that. When you get a portrait from 4th day, you will have archival prints from one of the highest quality photography labs in the country. These portraits are guaranteed. When you print your own, be it a home printer or one of the one hour places, your print may look good for a while (if they have actually calibrated their printer), but eventually, the colors will shift, your photo quality will degrade, and you will have to spend more money to get it fixed or replaced.  4th day printed photos will stand the test of time and last for many generations to come.

May we order Grad Announcements from 4th day?

YES! They can be purchase a la cart or as part of the Create-A-Package program in a variety of sizes, finishes and types of cards.  Here are but a few examples.